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construct a positive marketing experience for your future customers and your returning advocates

Our Solution Centered Skills

Captivert’s enables your business by building custom marketing solutions from diverse service offerings. From start to finish, you can think of us as your outsourced CMO and Tactical Team. Learn more about our services and past projects below or reach out to us to start planning a new project and partnership.

  • Marketing Automation 100% 100%
  • Business Consultation 87% 87%
  • Web Development 90% 90%
  • Content Creation 82% 82%
  • Digital Advertising 96% 96%


Email Automation

Service details coming soon.

Messenger Bots

Service details coming soon.



Paid Advertising

Google, Bing, and other listing websites are succeeding for a reason. They each are their own epicenter for specific types of offers and engagement that your business needs to leverage. Our paid search experts work to build original offers that catch your prospects attention and then get those offers in front of audiences ready to engage with them. We leverage sophisticated paid advertising campaigns to generate leads, build pipelines to capacity, remarket warm prospects, close sales, and meet your revenue goals.

Social Advertising

Social advertising is a league of its own from paid search and can be tricky to navigate as trends rapidly change. We will help you conquer this beast and let you dominate the major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Depending on your product offering, each of these platforms can be used in different ways to increase your prospects’ readiness to buy. Additionally, each social platform brings its own benefits and challenges that you will want to work through so that you can automate the appropriate campaigns with the most effective ad types and sets. Captivert develops images, videos, copy, forms, chatbots, and automated email follow-up systems to ensure your leads are reached and able to act on your witty calls to action.


Web Development

Service details coming soon.

Content Development

Service details coming soon.

Brand Authority

If you have a product to sell, then you owe it to yourself to peacock. Becoming a subject matter expert requires more than writing a boring old blog that makes your prospects yawn all the way to your competition. You need to creatively leverage all of your digital assets with slick outbound techniques to get relevant, educational content to your growing audience. Content marketing is a very alive and thriving ecosystem – you can’t afford to miss out on this area of focus.

At Captivert, our team works to make people brag about following your business and share your content with others. We develop educational content strategies, consistent keyword-rich messaging, and design creatives that lock in your audience. From blogs to vlogs to infographics to flashy videos we build macro content and amplify it with micro content across all PR channels to grow and solidify your authority.


Lead Generation

Lead generation is an essential step that connects your marketing efforts with your sales team. With an experienced lead generation team, you will target the right audience at the right time with compelling messaging to build a measurable ROI.

At Captivert, our strategy, tactical, and creative teams are intertwined in order to create effective funnels that produce qualified leads and grow your business. The systems we build are repeatable, scalable, and do the hard work of tracking your leads all along the way. Even when you are sleeping on that vacation in the Maldives you’ve been meaning to take for yourself.

Search Engine Optimization

Your potential customers are searching for you and finding your competitors. This is why you need to develop a long-term search rankings strategy. Our SEO team works to solve both your technical needs (ie. page speed, linking strategy, and tagging) and non-technical needs (ie. keywords, link building, content creation, and images).

SEO is a marathon where the closer you get to the finish line, the harder your competition will become. Our effective strategies will ensure that you outpace your competition and that you stay top of mind and rank ahead of your competition for the searches that will generate sustainable traffic and business.

Social Media

Social Media is like the wild west and you need to know when it’s appropriate to be a gun-slinging cowboy, highly respected sheriff, gossipy bartender, or charismatic traveling salesman. It’s important to stay relevant to your audience whether you are a B2B or B2C business because your reputation is on the line.

With the right tools, monitoring, and plan of action, Captivert helps you take advantage of trending topics, manage brand sentiment, gain engaging followers, increase reviews and referrals, and initiate social sales. We provide levels of social media services from providing analyses and reports to total turnkey management with content creation and support.

Recent Projects

Captivert attacks digital challenges across multiple industries

Staffing Agency

Developed brand, advertising, and hiring processes for agency performing $1M+ revenue in its first year.

SaaS Business

Turnkey web app development and launch for a product with $2M+ revenue in it's first two years.

Food Truck

Initiated several alternative funding campaigns that raised $50,000+ and launched customer engagement campaigns.

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